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Morocco provides an exotic cultural encounter and superb range of varied landscapes for groups and school expeditions to explore. Itineraries include desert experiences, high-mountain treks, exploring deep gorges, and visits to bustling cities such as Marrakech, Essaouira and Ouazarzate.

Recommended trips: Our suggested itineraries are based on personal recommendation and can be tailored to suit your school and group.


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Recommended locations:

Atlas Mountains

Snow-covered peaks of Toubkal National Park in High Atlas Mountains

Snow-capped peaks, deep valleys and rugged mountainsides make up the Atlas Mountains. From remote villages in the west to old trade routes in the east, there is so much to experience.


Rocky coastline and ancient city walls of Essaouira

A vitally important city throughout history, Essaouira was the heart of historic Atlantic trade and is now a stunning place to relax after trekking the Atlas Mountains or taking part in community projects.

Jebel Sahro

Group trekking in Jebel Sahro mountain range surrounded by rocky peaks

One of the most visually stunning parts of Morocco, Jebel Sahro provides trekking routes for school groups that are less experienced, with the chance to meet traditional nomadic peoples.


Colourful tagine pots and food in Marrakech market

One of the major cities in Morocco, Marrakech will be the start and end point of your treks and community projects, allowing time to explore the vibrant palaces, souks and Djemma el Fna.

Mgoun Gorge

Arid landscape of Assif Mgoun Valley surrounded by rocky mountains

This area is characterised by its huge gorges, whose ridges create ‘U’ shaped valleys which spider outwards from Mgoun’s central Massif. Zig-zagging mule tracks link villages and follow the Mgoun…

Mount Toubkal

School group celebrating reaching the summit of Mount Toubkal

The highest peak in North Africa and the ultimate conclusion to a Moroccan trek, Mount Toubkal is the crowning achievement for adventurers exploring the stunning Atlas Mountains.