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Whether you wish to create a half term multi-activity Adventure in Europe, a community project in Africa, or an Expedition to the Himalayas, our selection of trip categories will help you decide the right type of trip for your group, according to their abilities and expectations.


Introduce your group to outdoor wilderness adventure, on a short itinerary with a definite objective that focuses on completing a multi-day trek, and can include other activities such as canoeing and cultural exchanges.

  • Ideal for, Ages 14 to 15
  • Travellers will need,
    • Good level of fitness
    • Appreciation of the outdoor environment


Challenge your group and travel further afield on an immersive overseas experience, that may include a substantial trek or a meaningful community project, whilst benefiting from a full introduction to a diverse culture.

  • Ideal for, Ages 15 to 16
  • Travellers will need,
    • High level of fitness
    • Appreciation for outdoor adventure
    • Interest in encountering new cultures


Venture into one of the world’s most spectacular wilderness regions, on a lengthy and challenging itinerary that will offer your group a spectacular educational and adventurous experience, with a defining sense of achievement.

  • Ideal for, Ages 16 to 18
  • Travellers will need,
    • High level of fitness
    • Strong interest in outdoor adventure
    • Strong interest in encountering new cultures, often in a remote and demanding environment


Take your group closer to a range of subjects in a natural environment and create an adventurous, study-based experience that combines elements of our Adventure, Explorer and Expedition trips, whilst enhancing understanding of a subject.

  • Ideal for, Ages 16 to 18
  • Travellers will need,
    • Strong interest in the chosen subject
    • A desire to learn more in its natural environment