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Being a Lead Teacher is a highly motivating experience and previous teachers have found it incredibly rewarding to see the development of their pupils before, during and after the trip, and we are sure that you will also benefit from the experience personally and professionally.

We’ve been working with schools and colleges since 2002. We know how busy teachers are and understand the effort involved in organising such a trip, so we’ve designed a comprehensive programme that places the majority of workload upon ourselves, and reduces the burden of organising these trips for you.

What’s Involved

As a Lead Teacher, you will be the first point of contact within the school for pupils, parents and Schools Worldwide.

The work will mainly involve collecting and distributing forms, documents, payments and facilitating certain presentations. It is therefore likely that you will need to arrange group meetings, whereby every team member attends and receives the correct information as you receive it.

While overseas you will be required to provide pastoral care for the group. If you hold the correct qualifications, it may also be possible that you become the qualified group leader. However, this will need discussion with us at the point of booking and will be handled strictly on a case by case basis.

The following list describes the way your help will be required. To see how this fits with the entire programme, please use this list as you read through the Teacher’s Timeline.

  1. Planning Phase

    • Help confirm the itinerary and cost
  2. Launch Phase

    • Advertise and facilitate a Launch Presentation, for parents and students
    • Receive and submit Application Forms
    • Receive and submit payment instalments
  3. Preparation Phase

    • Distribute Members’ Area details to parents and pupils
    • Organising group members meetings for you to help and advise
    • Monitor the fitness of the team and facilitate a fitness exercise
    • Gain a first aid qualification and provide Schools Worldwide with a copy
    • Liaise with the LEA/governors to ensure that clearance for the trip is given
    • Facilitate a Pre-departure Presentation, for parents and students
    • Organise suitable transport for the group to and from UK airport
  4. Departure Phase

    • Accompany the group overseas and provide pastoral care
    • Help facilitate a Tour Review Meeting upon return