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Quieter and less hectic than Marrakech, Essaouira is an agglomeration of different cultures, societies and histories that have moulded its present atmosphere.

Famed for its beautiful architecture and city walls, Essaouira is now home to a café culture and ideal for relaxed walks on the beach. Over the centuries, Essaouira has been influenced by French, Spanish, Portuguese, and British cultures, as well as the original Moroccan input. You can find plenty of exciting artisanal goods in the medina, particularly wood carvings, and take advantage of the windsurfing along the coast. There is an almost permanent trade wind blowing in to the protected shore where waves are a rare occurrence.

Around Essaouira you can also encounter the famous tree-climbing goats which scale the resident argan trees, offering fantastic photo opportunities. Students can also enjoy a camel ride across the region to experience Morocco in the most traditional way possible. 


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