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Africa offers plentiful opportunities for meaningful community projects and enhanced subject learning – especially biology and conservation. As well as trekking options to challenge any ability of group and diverse cultural exchanges this remarkable continent will provide your group with a fascinating and enthralling adventure, whichever destination you choose to visit.


Morocco can be visited year round, with bustling cities providing a rich cultural encounter, and varied landscapes of arid desert, high mountains perfect for trekking and deep, fertile gorges.


With awe-inspiring landscapes, exceptional wildlife and a rich culture, Namibia is an ideal destination for any school looking for a Field trek, community project or significant exploration.

South Africa

The Rainbow Nation of South Africa is home to some of the most diverse habitats, widest range of iconic wildlife, and mesmerising cultures, with each region being distinct from the last.


A vast country of stunning national parks, prolific wildlife and a colourful history, Zambia offers students endless opportunities to engage in community projects, cultural exchanges and safaris.