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Following the creation of a new road, the Bouguemez Valley is now much more accessible for school groups to visit and explore. Located on the edge of the High Atlas mountains, it is home to the second highest peak in the Atlas - M’goun – which stands at over 4,000 metres.

A region rich in mountain landscapes and timeless scenery, Ait Bouguemez it is often referred to as 'The Happy Valley'. Communities have lived and worked within the confines of the valley for centuries, and the fertile region provides a rich harvest each year of apples, walnuts and figs. Trekking though the valley provides exciting exploration into deep mountain gorges and high sided ravines. 

A typical 4 day supported trek though the valley will lead you out of villages and onto the lush plains, before heading into the head of a deep gorge , where trails start the upward ascent into the heart of the M'goun massif. There is also an option to venture higher and attempt the ascent of M’goun. A long ridge incline culminates with reaching M’goun’s summit before descending on the other side of the mountain and eventually returning to the valley.

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