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The European continent offers challenges and experiences far-removed from those at home. We have selected our destinations to highlight the beauty of our continent with seasonal challenges and multi-activity adventures. From winter snow-shoeing in the forest of Finland, to trekking mountains of Croatia or exploring the rivers of Romania, Europe will appeal to all abilities.


Croatia has a huge variety of landscapes and beautiful natural highlights – the perfect destination for students to get active together in the mountains, rivers, forests and lakes.


A joy to explore on foot or by canoe, Finland is a stunning, natural wilderness and an excellent summer or winter destination for groups looking for an active overseas school trip.


Known as the ‘land of fire and ice’, Iceland provides a plethora of volcanic activity, tectonic plates, icecaps, geysers and rugged beauty, offering adventure for students in a unique location.


Located in the heart of the Balkans and historically the crossroads of many civilisations, Macedonia is bursting with culture, history and nature not found anywhere else in Europe.


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a flourishing island nation, offering school groups incredible marine adventures, a rich history and a vibrant culture.


With trekking routes encompassing the entire Carpathian chain, Romania is home to stunning landscapes, and its lakes and rivers offer pupils some thrilling rafting and kayaking experiences.