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This community project enables schools to expand Explorer trips in Morocco. The project programme provides pupils with opportunity to live and work with a semi-permanent community, whilst also learning about traditional Berber life.

  • Work with the local community to repair and restore roads, providing year round access in and out of the village.
  • Assist with sustainable planting methods which preserve soil condition and prevent crop failure.
  • Interact with the host community, increasing pupils' understanding of the culture and traditions of the Berber people.
  • Arrange after-school lessons and games for the children of the village.

School groups will work alongside the community to restore and reinforce roads into and out of the village, as well as working with village farmers to plant cactus, supporting sustainable crop farming and preventing soil erosion. Other activities include installing irrigation systems and repairing trails.  

On their spare afternoons, pupils can interact with the community by organising games with the children from the village and helping to prepare the communal dinner.  

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Atlas Mountains

Snow-covered peaks of Toubkal National Park in High Atlas Mountains

Snow-capped peaks, deep valleys and rugged mountainsides make up the Atlas Mountains. From remote villages in the west to old trade routes in the east, there is so much to experience.

Ait Bouguemez Valley

Mules and muleteers in Ait Bouguemez Valley in Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Situated on the eastern fringes of the High Atlas mountains, the Bouguemez Valley is a stunning and fertile region, bisected by the towering peaks of the M’goun massif and dotted with communities.