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This trip focuses on trekking across Piatra Craiului National Park and the Fagaras Mountains to explore and experience this rich and ancient part of Europe. Highlights include summiting Moldoveanu Peak, the chance to encounter wolves and bears, and rafting crystalline waters.

After arriving in Bucharest, you will head straight to Piatra Craiului National Park to begin you exploration of central Romania. With an impressive array of flora and fauna, this region of the country offers the chance to see everything from butterflies to bears. The trip then continues to the Fagaras Mountains of the Carpathians. It is here that the most physical part of the adventure will take place as the group will summit at over 2,500 metres and trek through some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in the whole of Europe.

After trekking through the mountains, the trip will wind down to Brasov and Bran Castle where culture, history and lore blend together in a beautiful and fascinating manner. Students will also visit the Seven Ladders Canyon which provides stunning scenery in a unique environment, and a different form of adventure. The itinerary will end with some exciting rafting or kayaking in either the waterways of the Carpathians or in the Danube Delta.

Typical itinerary

  1. Day 1: Fly to Bucharest & transfer to the Carpathians

    Upon arrival in Bucharest, you will transfer towards the Carpathian Mountains. This region of central Romania - Transylvania - is known for its medieval towns, mountainous borders and castles, including Gothic Bran Castle, where locals keep the legend of Dracula alive.  

  2. Days 2-3 : Trek in Piatra Craiului National Park

    Today you will start a two day trek in Piatra Craului National Park, which offers stunning natural scenery, from spruce forests to glacial lakes. The park is home to plenty of wildlife species: wolves, bears, deer and eagle owls are common, and specialist guides will help you learn about the flora and fauna.

    The following day you continue trekking through the national park, following the spectacular limestone ridge, looking out for wildlife. Continue to  a campground on the edge of the Carpathia Wildlife Reserve.

  3. Day 4: Explore Carpathia Wildlife Reserve

    Today is spent exploring the protected Carpathia Wildlife Reserve, where you can learn about the conservation efforts to protect the wildlife found here. Home to the largest population of large carnivores in Europe (wolves and bears), this area offers an excellent opportunity to study wildlife and learn about active conservation.

  4. Day 5: Begin Fagaras trek

    Today you begin a trek of the great Transylvanian Traverse route, an amazing trek which takes explorers across the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.  The Carpathian Mountains run in a great arc across Romania, rising to over 2,500 metres in Transylvania and include some of the wildest mountain walking in Europe. They sweep across central and eastern Europe from Slovakia, through Poland and Ukraine to Romania and contain some of few remaining large stretches of wilderness left in Europe.

    Culturally intact, Romania is a revelation, offering a fascinating glimpse of how much of Europe would have been a century ago.  This fantastic trek takes you amongst mountains, forests and medieval Romanian villages, where wolves and bears still roam wild. Tonight you spend the night at a mountain hut.

  5. Day 6: Fagaras trek

    Today is the big hiking day, which will take you up to the summit of the Fagaras Mountains – Moldoveanu Peak – and the highest peak in Romania at 2,544 metres. The day finishes at a lower altitude (1,400 metres) at the Sambata mountain hut, after a long descent through the Sambata Valley. 

  6. Day 7: End of Fagaras trek, transfer to Brasov

    Ending the trek today, you will descend to the bottom of the range, and visit the Romanian Orthodox Monastery – Sambata du Sus. Afterwards you will continue onto the medieval town of Brasov for an overnight stay.

  7. Day 8: Explore Brasov & hike to Seven Ladders Canyon

    The city of Brasov features Saxon walls and bastions, the expansive Council Square, ringed by colourful baroque buildings, the towering Gothic Black Church and lively cafes. Many of southern Transylvania’s Saxon villages are dotted with fortified churches that date back half a millennium.

    After lunch you will hike through the ‘Seven Ladders Canyon’, carved in Jurassic limestone and composed of seven waterfalls. 

  8. Day 9: Rafting & farewell dinner

    After an early breakfast, you will transfer to the rafting area for a day on the river to explore some of the beautiful waterways found in the Carpathian region. You will finish the day with a transfer to Bucharest where you check into your hotel and have an opportunity to explore the city a little more. 

  9. Day 10: Fly back to the UK

    You will be transferred from your hotel to the airport for the flight home.

Key info

This suggested itinerary is based on personal recommendation and can be tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Destination: Romania
  • When to go: May to Jul
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Trip type: Explorer
  • Itinerary highlights:
    • Carpathian Mountains
    • Brasov
    • Bran Castle
  • Activities:
    • Rafting

    • Safari

    • Trekking

  • Accommodation: Camping, hostels, mountain huts, guesthouses & hotel
  • Ideal for: Ages 15 to 16
  • Travellers will need:
    • High level of fitness
    • Appreciation for outdoor adventure
    • Interest in encountering new cultures

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Featured locations:

Piatra Craiului National Park

Rocky ridges of Piatra Craiului mountains in the Carpathians at sunset

The Carpathian Mountains are known for their beauty, but it is Piatra Craiului that tops the list. Home to caves, gorges and ridges, the area is a good place to see wolves, bears and lynx.

Fagaras Mountains

Balea Lake and cottages surrounded by Fagaras mountains

The highest mountains in the southern Carpathians, the mighty Fagaras provide groups with some of the best trekking, scenery and wildlife encounters in Romania.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle perched atop a hill in the spring

Forever immortalised in literature as the fictional home of Count Dracula, and with a history spanning nearly 1,000 years, Bran Castle is a must-see location for those trekking in Transylvania.


Exterior of the Palace of the Parliament  building

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, Bucharest will be the start of your trip in Romania. With stunning 1800s architecture and rich culture, there is a lot to experience here.