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Why Choose Schools Worldwide?

You’ve decided to take your students away on the experience of a lifetime. You’re aiming to give them an adventure that will stay with them forever, one that will assist them in developing skills, and perhaps even give them a new goal in life. But who do you decide to work with? There are several organisations that can offer these types of expeditions, and they seem so similar. So why should you choose to work with Schools Worldwide?

Tailor-made and customisable itineraries

One key reason to select Schools Worldwide as your partner in planning and executing the perfect school expedition is that we will craft the ideal, tailor-made and customisable itinerary to suit your needs. If you are looking for a trip that will physically push the boundaries of the students, then perhaps a Nepalese or Indian Himalaya adventure would fit the bill. If you want to provide your students with an intimate biology fieldtrek, which develops skills and understanding of the natural world, we can create an experience exploring the jungles of Costa Rica, diving beneath the coastal waves of Borneo, or under the desert skies of Namibia. {img_alt}

Assisting rural communities

Perhaps, however, you are looking for something more community and culture-based? We have many overseas school and community connections and can facilitate close-working partnerships to help develop facilities and build cultural bonds and awareness on both sides, whilst improving day-to-day living conditions in a school or community space.

Range of trip types and destinations to suit ages and objectives

Whether you are looking to focus on geography, history, religion, cultures, physical challenges, conservation, community projects, or a combination of any of the above, we will shape, create, and polish any itinerary you choose as a starting point. We currently work in over a dozen countries, and this list is constantly growing. We have four different trip types to use as a starting point to develop your own itinerary: Adventure, Explorer, Expedition and Fieldtrek. From the glaciers of Iceland and frozen taiga of Finland, to the savannahs of Zambia and the national parks of Sri Lanka, we are sure to be able to offer you and your students the ideal location and activities for this life-changing experience. {img_alt}

Expert knowledge base - Education through Experience

In addition to our tailor-made expertise, we are dedicated to our mantra of ‘Education through Experience’ and aim to be able to offer unique opportunities to all students. ‘Travel broadens the mind’ is a well-used but very apt saying. Travel enables us to see and live life from many different perspectives, sheading new light onto our own experiences. This is certainly true for me. I took part in an expedition as a student which had a profound personal impact on me. Wanting others to enjoy similar experiences, I now enjoy the creativity of planning and arranging school expeditions.

Safety and security of the utmost importance

Each student and leader’s safety is of paramount importance to us. Every itinerary and activity that we plan undergoes a thorough risk assessment that incorporates general travel risks as well as those associated with a specific itinerary. A 24-hour support service is offered to provide immediate contact with our team in the UK. We endeavour to go to each Schools Worldwide destination and we undertake our own personal risk assessments in order to provide partner schools with accurate details to ensure you feel safe and secure working with us. {img_alt}

Personal involvement – every step of the way

We personally attend all new trip launch events to students and parents, in order to showcase the trip suggestion and answer any questions that might arise. After the students have booked onto the trip, we will be in contact with you throughout the planning and preparation period. We will provide you and the students with itineraries and documents specifically tailored to your school trip. As your departure day draws nearer, we will visit you and the students to host a pre-departure meeting and a final departure session to ensure that everything has been accounted for. You can count on our support every step of the way.

Why choose us summary

  • 25 years of creating exceptional educational school trips
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable team
  • Face-to- face meetings
  • School visits
  • Range of multi-activity adventures, study-based fieldtreks, conservation and community projects and school expeditions
  • Flexible bespoke and pre-planned & highly researched itineraries
  • Exceptional projects
  • Safety assured
  • Free places for teachers
  • Medical advice
  • Peace of mind – 24-hour support service
  • 90% of schools re-book
  • 100% Financial Protection

At Schools Worldwide, we have plenty of experience of group expeditions and we understand what it takes to make a successful trip both as a leader and as a student. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today to start planning your next trip.