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Whilst we undertake to accurately plan and always support your trip, we also want to ensure that all Group Leaders, group members, teachers and parents are fully prepared as well. From providing standard health and safety travel advice, kit lists and training we are committed to providing full and accurate guidance to ensure that everyone is properly prepared for their trip.

  1. Members’ Area

    Once a trip is confirmed, we develop a micro-website dedicated to each group which provides leaders, group members, teachers and parents with access to guidance and documentation that will help them prepare for the trip.

    The site includes three Tour Information Packs providing information about the destination, the itinerary, flights details, kit lists, inoculation advice, project pack, fundraising pack and fitness information, as well as access to risk assessments and consent forms.

  2. Presentations and Meetings

    We meet with all Lead Teachers, group members and parents in the run up to departure in order to plan and prepare for the trip. At the Launch Presentation and Pre-Departure meeting, group members and parents have the chance meet us, find out more about the details of their itinerary, to see photographs from previous trips and to ask questions.

  3. Venture Training

    Adventure safety training for participants is incorporated at every stage of the build up to the adventure. Once the trip has been firmly established, we will come to your school and deliver a Venture Preparation Session to help prepare the group by explaining some of the practicalities associated with overseas travel and the important preparations they must make in readiness for their itinerary. Depending on the nature of your itinerary, we may also require you and your group to attend an overnight Training Weekend to meet your Group Leader, get your group ‘outdoors’ and teach them some basic expedition skills, get used to using their kit and equipment and have their fitness levels assessed.

  4. School Travel Conference

    Our Annual School Travel Conference is designed to assist teachers and leaders to prepare for their trip. The day is very much focussed on the safety of a trip, the back up and support available from the UK and also how to get the very best out of an itinerary and a group, and consists of a series of workshops run by ourselves and guest speakers, covering topics essential to each trip.

    Main discussion topics: Destination Workshops, Teachers workshops, leaders workshops, Crisis Management, Medical matters, Water safety, roles and responsibilities, scenarios.

  5. Medical Safety

    Managing the medical requirements of all group members is essential, and all group members are required to complete a medical declaration before booking their place on a trip and provide a full Medical Consent prior to departure. This information is shared with our Medical Advisor who provides guidance and advice, to help us assess the medical requirements of each participant in relation to the itinerary. All medical declarations are also carried by our Group Leaders who use the information as a reference if managing any medical matters, in-country.

    All groups are supplied with a comprehensive First Aid and Medical Kit with an array of contents that are compiled and assessed by our Medical Advisor, including full sterile sets and prescription antibiotics. The kits are assessed on a per-itinerary basis, meaning that the contents can vary according to the size of the group, and the duration or environment of the itinerary.