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Zambia not only holds geographical importance in Africa, but also an abundance of stunning scenery, remarkable wildlife and fascinating colonial and tribal history. It is a vast country of natural landmarks, including the Victoria Falls and several of the continents finest National Parks, including Kafue and South Luangwa. Zambia offers fantastic hiking and also provides opportunities for intimate and meaningful community projects and cultural exchanges.

Recommended trips: Our suggested itineraries are based on personal recommendation and can be tailored to suit your school and group.


Recommended projects:


Recommended locations:


Map highlighting Livingstone and Victoria Falls

Located ten kilometres from Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, the city sprang up after the Victoria Falls Bridge was constructed in 1904 and was named in honour of David Livingstone, the first…

Luambe National Park

Hippo partially submerged in green swamp in Zambia

Uncrowded yet bursting with life, the Luambe National Park provides incredible wildlife encounters for pupils, including hippos, leopards and over 200 bird species.

South Luangwa National Park

Leopard lying on rock looking for prey in South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park is indisputably the pinnacle of Zambian national parks. Home to a vibrant blend of safari animals and endemic species, there is plenty to encounter here.

Victoria Falls

Cascading Victoria Falls with rainbow

The spectacle of Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, never fails to amaze. As tons of water crashes into the Batoka Gorge, it’s easy to see why the locals call it the…