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The coastal Namib Desert is a location of extremes and incredible beauty. Sweeping dunes meet the cool waters of the Atlantic ocean which often creates fog. This gets pushed inland where many creatures rely on the moisture it brings. The desert presents an incredible opportunity to discover how creatures have evolved to survive in the extreme conditions.

  • Explore the ecosystems of the Namib Desert by completing nature walks with experienced conservation researchers.
  • Complete group research project into desert ecosystems to develop personal understanding of the desert diversity.
  • Understand how desert creatures have evolved to be able to survive in extremes of temperature.
  • Collate and present the findings of your group study and draw conclusions about the project.

The Gobabeb Research and Training centre is internationally recognised as a quality research and training location for studies from around the world. The centre has enabled many scientists to complete important desert research over the years.

This project focuses on developing the research techniques of groups allowing them to explore the desert habitat and the adaptations species have undergone to enable wildlife to live in harsh environments. The group will complete a guided nature walk and will undertake their own ecosystem study, the findings of this study will be presented to the research centre.

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Namib Desert

Towering Namib sand dunes with footprints

Largely untouched by humans, the Namib is the oldest desert in the world, and a fabulous location to encounter the unique wildlife that has made this inhospitable environment its home.