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10 ways to raise money for your Schools Worldwide trip

If you're travelling on the trip of a lifetime with Schools Worldwide but need to raise money for the adventure, don't worry - we've thought of ten easy and quick ways to raise some funds!

1. Get a part-time job

Get your CV up to date and drop it into local shops and businesses. Have a look online - sites such as Student Job list some part time roles.

2. Organise a raffle

Get local businesses to donate prizes - one top prize and two runner up prizes. A top prize could be dinner for two at a local restaurant. Charge £1 per raffle ticket.

3. Car wash

Advertise around the local area and hold the car wash in your school car park. Don't forget to get parents and teachers to bring their cars along. Charge £5 per car.

4. Sponsored fair

Organise a summer fair at the local green, ask local bands to perform, think of fun ideas for games, sell cakes and biscuits and charge entry fees.

5. Arrange a disco

Plan a disco; ask a local DJ to play for free, hold it in the school hall, charge people to come in. Don't forget to sell drinks and snacks, maybe hold some games that people have to pay to join in with!

6. Pack bags 

Speak to your local supermarket and ask permission to organise a bag packing event to raise money for your trip.

7. Do a fun run

This is a great way to get fit and raise money! Organise a local fun run - maybe in fancy dress - and get people to sponsor you or your group.

8. Dog walks

Advertise around the local area. Charge a fee per dog. It's a great way to get fit, get out in the fresh air and raise money!

9. Jumble sale

Ask parents and teachers to donate unwanted clothes or household items, and hold a jumble sale. You'll be surprised what you can raise!

10. Speak to local businesses

Talk to local businesses about your trip, and ask them to sponsor you. Send them photos when you're back to show them how their money helped.

Speak to the Schools Worldwide team for advice on fundraising or planning a trip.