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Risk Management

There is nothing more important when planning an expedition than ensuring the health and safety of every one if it's participants. At Schools Worldwide, we have a robust, tried and tested safety management system to ensure we are prepared for anything.

Risk Assesments

An essential part of the research for any trip is identifying the risks and making an assessment. Each of our expeditions are given a full risk assessment, which is broken down into two categories; Level 1: The Schools Worldwide Generic Risk Assessment providing a comprehensive reference and guide to all aspects of our overseas expeditions as a whole and, Level 2: The Schools Worldwide Country Specific Risk Assessment providing a comprehensive reference and guide to aspects particular to a country. These are made available to teachers well in advance of departure to satisfy internal trip requirements.

24-Hour Support & Back-Up

Whilst teams are overseas, Schools Worldwide operates a 24-hour support and back-up service to ensure that, should any incident arise on expedition, there is someone on-call back in the UK to support the leader to ensure the incident is resolved. This duty system is the frontline of our Crisis Management Plan, which can draw on the support of the entire UK team as well as external specialists in order to deal effectively with any major incident. There is always someone on the end of the phone to help...

Medical Consultation

We work with a qualified medical professional who provides guidance and advice to us, regarding each of the participants of the trip and their medical conditions. The Doctor also provides us with up to date information regarding advice on inoculations and vaccinations for each destination, in relation to the itinerary. All team members are required to complete a medical declaration form and parents must later sign a Medical Consent Form. The Doctor also provides us with advice and recommendations for the contents of our First Aid Kit.

Remote Medical Support

We register all our groups with Remote Medical Support allowing us to take advantage of their support services. This provides our leaders with direct communication with a qualified UK doctor on the phone 24 hours a day. This is of particular importance for groups who will be visiting remote regions of the world and challenging environments.

Expedition Leaders

Each Schools Worldwide expedition that departs is accompanied by a fully qualified Expedition Leader. This person is responsibile for all aspects of the safe management of the expedition experience. They take on a 'higher duty of care' when the participants are overseas. They will remain with the team throughout the duration of the expedition experience. An essential source of information for us is the Leaders Report the leader fills out upon their return from their expedition. Providing a detailed account of the group's experience, we review each trip using the leaders report to identify areas where we need to improve our services. This is also one of the main sources for updating our Risk Assessments, trekking information and itineraries as well as the back up and support paperwork that accompanies all trips.


Experienced Staff

Our staff members have a combined first hand knowledge of all the destinations in our portfolio. Reconnaissance trips are made in order to ensure that the contacts we use in country continue to be reliable and the information and advice that you receive from us is taken from our own country experiences. All Schools Worldwide staff involved with the planning of itineraries have been trained in the OCR Level 3 Certificate in Off-site Safety Management.

Satellite Phones

All our group Leaders carry a satellite telephone with them on trips where mobile phone signal is not reliable. We operate an 'Open Comms' system whereby the satellite phone is turned on for a pre-determined time slot each day in order that the Leader can recieve incoming calls from our UK offices. In an emergency, the satellite phone is available for the Leader to use whenever they need to make outgoing calls.

Comprehensive First Aid Kits

We supply fully comprehensive First Aid and Medical Kits for groups. All prescription drugs in the first aid kit have been approved, by a qualified doctor. All items used from the first aid kit, including prescription drugs, are logged. Via Remote Medical Support, the Leadership team has 24 hour access to a qualified doctor who can assist with diagnosis and prescription of drugs from the first aid kit. In the event that an allergy prevents a participant from being given prescription drugs, this information is collated from the medical declaration on the application form and the Leadership team are made aware.

FCO Advice & Embassy Liaison

Schools Worldwide frequently consult with embassies for advice and information in the planning stages of our trips to ensure that the itinerary is not travelling to unsafe areas. Schools Worldwide consult Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice prior to finalising the country specific risk assessment for each trip. We continue to monitor FCO advice via live email updates.


Schools Worldwide is proud to have been awarded a 'Learning Outside the Classroom' Quality Badge for the provision of overseas expeditions. In addition, we are members of the Expedition Providers Association and are fully bonded, licensed and accredited, meaning that you can book your school trip through us with confidence.

Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge ABTOT ATOL protected: licence number 10544
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