Whilst Europe doesn't immediately spring to mind as an adventurous expedition destination, it as a region of vast beauty, hidden gems and enough challenge and adventure for even the most die-hard explorer. From the unspoilt Albanian landscapes to the dramatic Croatian coast, not only is Europe a challenging and inspiring region for any expedition, it is also just on our even better!

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Europe - Albania

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies an undiscovered and unspoilt rustic jewel. Perhaps one of the last great off the beaten track places to be found for trekking in Europe. With its stunning mountain scenery and beaches to rival any of its neighbouring countries, this is a country not to be missed.


Europe - Croatia

Although it is a small country, Croatia has an astoundingly rich variety of beautiful landscapes and preserved natural areas. From mountains, plains and forests to rivers, lakes, sea and islands, this is an ideal setting for outdoor activities including rafting, canoeing, kayaking, trekking, cycling and sailing.


Europe - Finland

Finland is an excellent summer or winter destination for school groups who wish to experience the calm and tranquility of a stunning, natural wilderness environment. A joy to explore, by foot or on water, the Thousand Lakes region, which covers the eastern border, and the Hossa hiking area just south of Lapland offer an extensive network of pathways and waterways which lead through pristine forests and over shimmering lakes.


Europe - Romania

With an abundance of trekking routes covering the entire Carpathian chain, the northern region of Transylvania is a landscape of fertile mountain ranges to explore by foot or ski. Here, pristine lakes and golden rivers provide thrilling kayaking and rafting experiences, while the regions UNESCO monuments of painted monasteries and fortified churches provide unique cultural tours and a fascinating insight into the region's colourful traditions.

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