Namibian Group Jump!

"The staff were very friendly and went above and beyond getting to know us and the trips we were going on. Your staff have always been approachable and we appreciated the personal approach through Schools Worldwide" - Teacher, Radnor House, South Africa 2016

"Once again Schools Worldwide have met and exceeded all expectations, maintaining exceptionally high professional standards throughout the planning stages and whilst on expedition. The Schools Worldwide leaders are exceptional in all aspects" - Head teacher, De Lisle College, Namibia 2015

"I learned a lot about myself and the country. I loved every minute of it!" - Pupil, Radnor House, South Africa 2016.

"Thank you all for organising the best two weeks of my daughter's life, a month later and she still is talking and comparing the expedition!" - Parent, Wyvern College, Morocco 2015

"The expedition went above and beyond my expectations" - Pupil, The King's School, Nepal 2016

"Our team leaders exceeded all expectations. Their diligence, care, effort and love of the project and the country inspired the students to really get involved. They were never unwilling to help and have helped make it the trip of a lifetime" - Teacher, De Lisle College, Namibia 2015

"I asked each and every member of the group about what they felt the trip had achieved, without exception they all responded that not only had they achieved the group objectives but that they had all met their own additional goals and far more" - Leader, Perth Academy, South Africa 2016

"Some of the treks are challenging but the feeling you get when you've just trekked through 8k of jungle and seen wild apes and reptiles is just breathtaking" - Pupil, Wiltshire College, Borneo 2016

"This is the 5th school expedition I have been involved with and it never ceases to amaze me how much the students grow during their time away. I have also, yet again, been inspired to continue my personal project/charity work and am considering revisiting our project school as an individual." - Teacher, The Mount School, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia 2015

"I personally value these expeditions as it gives students experiences, responsibilities and skills that are either not possible to deliver in the school environment or at very least much more difficult to provide in any other way. Students who have completed Schools Worldwide expeditions will have undoubtedly developed skills beyond those of other students the same age." - Teacher, Wrenn School, Nepal 2014

"Working in the project school and interacting with the children was a truly life altering and amazing experience." - Pupil, The Mount School, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia 2015

"This trip has given me the opportunity to extend the horizons of young people." - Teacher, St Anne's School, Iceland 2016

"Everything on the trip exceeded my expectations and it was an amazing experience to be part of it. The best thing was just being in a completely different environment with pupils I didn't really know very well and still having a great time and making new friends." - Pupil, The King's School, Finland 2014

"Be prepared to have your breath taken away by the beautiful views and animals you will see." - Pupil, St John the Baptist School, South Africa 2016

"I learnt how to adapt to situations that I wouldn't normally be in. Also how to travel successfully and be organised to get the most out of the trip." - Pupil, Wyvern College, Morocco 2015

"A real insight into Namibia. We spent a lot of time off the beaten track and therefore saw lots of things a typical visitor might not see. The project was also very humbling." - Teacher, Queen Elizabeth's Academy, Namibia & South Africa 2015

"On a personal level I have had an amazing 3 weeks away. Vietnam is a beautiful and diverse country and our itinerary enabled us to see and do so much. As a scout leader I have found it really useful to get to know our explorers in a new way and I feel as a unit this will help our communication and activity planning in the future." - Scout Leader, Exmouth Explorer Scouts, Vietnam 2015

"Watching the sunset on the journeys back to our accommodation was as amazing sight I'll never forget." - Pupil, Perth Academy, South Africa 2016

"The trip has given me great knowledge and case study information to use in my teaching and great relationships were made with the students and staff. A fantastic trip that turned out to be almost a 'holiday' due to the planning and execution that made our job so easy. Thank you very much to all!" - Teacher, Oakgrove School, Morocco 2014

"An outstanding experience of a beautiful country and an exemplary trip that exceeded my expectations. The students were sufficiently challenged and gained a huge amount of cultural understanding. I have developed leadership, decision making and judgement skills working with an unfamiliar team." - Teacher, Southend High School for Girls, Vietnam 2014