Namibian Group Jump!
"Waking up on my birthday, in an igloo that I built myself, on a frozen lake on the edge of the Arctic Circle - amazing!" Pupil - Skinners' School Finland Feb 14.

"The trip leader was outstanding! He was extremely personable, friendly and professional. He seemed to go above and beyond to ensure all the logistics of the trip ran very smoothly." Teacher - Oakgrove School Morocco Feb 14.

"The trip has given me great knowledge and case study information to use in my teaching and great relationships were made with the students and staff. A fantastic trip that turned out to be almost a 'holiday' due to the planning and execution that made our job so easy. Thank you very much to all!" Teacher - Oakgrove School Morocco Feb 14.

"Everything on the trip exceeded my expectations and it was an amazing experience to be part of it. The best thing was just being in a completely different environment with pupils I didn't really know very well and still having a great time and making new friends" Pupil - The King's School Finland Feb 14.

"I really enjoyed the cross country skiing, especially going down the huge hill. I also liked the bonfire and pancake making and the Finnish Olympics were really funny. I mostly liked how as a group we really glued throughout the week and I got closer to people who I hadn't spoken to before." Pupil - The King's School Finland 14.

"The trip has given me confidence to take groups to slightly more adventurous locations knowing all the back-up is there and the leaders are so professional." Teacher - Edinburgh Academy Jordan Oct 13.

"I cannot choose a highlight for this trip - the monastery at Petra that got me teary, riding the camels, spending time with the Bedouins and dancing under the stars. I enjoyed every minute of it; even the bus trip and going to the toilet in the desert!"

"I loved talking to and staying with the Jordanian people; especially the Bedouin. It felt like an exclusive and genuine insight into Jordanian life in the past and present." Pupil - Edinburgh Academy Jordan Oct 13.

"The project work was very fulfilling, knowing we were making a difference to children who had so little. Learning about their life and culture and how hugely it differed from ours was so interesting." Pupil - Sheldon School Namibia Jul 13.

"It has been a fantastic and rewarding experience for me personally but also to see my students developing so much in such a relatively short period of time. I cannot imagine another way to see such a change in their perceptions, maturity and team spirit. It was also great fun!" Teacher - Pocklington School Namibia, Botswana and Zambia Jul13.

"Best highlight was by far the project. Getting to know the kids made me want to work harder to make the school better place and time spent with them has given me memories that I will never forget." Pupil - Pocklington School Namibia, Botswana and Zambia Jul13.

"I had a great trip and wouldn't change anything! I really enjoyed working in the orphanage and I also enjoyed pushing myself on the trek, even though it was really hard at the time." Pupil - Hobart High School Romania Aug 13.

"Everything about this trip was an amazing experience; especially seeing animals I never thought I'd see in their natural environment" Pupil - Wiltshire College South Africa Mar 13.

"Being away, being independent, discovering new things; it's great. Who cares if I'm late for tea? Who cares if the share index is rubbish? This break from technology and engaging in a simple, exercise-based and focused lifestyle has led to an extreme happiness I never thought possible. Just chatting with my friends and not sending a text every two minutes. Just getting up and walking, or cycling, or digging. Just doing these seemingly boring things has been blissfully, beautifully fun. There have been no complications, nothing to rush around for, nothing to horrendously aggravate me." James, Pupil.

"The trip has exceeded my expectations and challenged our students sufficiently with regards to their age and previous experience" Mr Askew, Teacher

"I envy Harvey and his fellow students, and admire all your staff involved in the logistics of the most enjoyable and informative Moroccan journey undertaken by the students of his 6th form. Oh, that I were 80 years younger again!" Mrs R Dalton, Grandparent

"I really enjoyed the Schools Travel Conference that I attended before the trip. Although parts of it were fun, it really brought home the reality of the responsibilities of taking a group abroad" Miss Jones, Teacher

"I think I had the best week of my life! When I am older I am going to go to poor countries and help them as much as I can. I feel privileged to have been able to do what I did and I will never for get the people I have met" Lydia, Pupil

"An enjoyable and highly enriching experience!" Mr Johnson, Teacher

"The Schools Worldwide Leader was fantastic - super competent in the mountains but also great with the pupils" Mr Moody, Teacher

"A highlight for me was the overwhelming and emotive sense of achievement I felt" Keiran, Pupil

"To watch the pupils experiencing new things and succeeding in new challenges was extremely rewarding . Being with them when they saw their first wild elephant - magical!" Ms Jones, Teacher

"Giving something back to the children of Namibia was the best cultural exchange I have ever encountered" Emily, Scout

"Overall I think the trip was amazing and I would recommend Schools Worldwide to other people. I will never forget the whole experience!" Miss Workman, Scout Leader

"Without exaggeration, a life changing experience. I will never forget my team's hard work and their faces when we handed the playpark over to the school" Mr Gibbs, Scout Leader

"Dan had a great time learning about different people, food, cultures and climate. It was a terrific experience for him; one I know he will never forget" Parent

"It was amazing getting to the top of the mountain - I felt a real sense of achievement" Jessica, Pupil

"I loved the whole trip and realised the way others live, how happy they are and how lucky we are" Matthew, Pupil