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We will always be available for you. From providing parent presentations and student workshops, to providing advice on fundraising activities, or assistance with completing risk assessments, we will support you with every step of your journey.

  1. Programme Manager

    Your Programme Manager will develop your itinerary, help launch your trip and oversee the successful running of your entire journey. From the point you enquire about running a venture with us, to the point that you return from overseas, your programme manager will be your main point of contact relating to any matter about your trip.

  2. Operations Co-ordinator

    Once your trip is confirmed, an Operations Co-ordinator will be assigned to your trip to co-ordinate all the operational and logistical matters relating to your itinerary as well as the preparation and distribution of all group documentation.

    Your Operations Co-ordinator will be responsible for all flight and in-country matters, as well as handling all administrative matters relating to your group, parents or Local Authority. They will manage all guidance documentation relating to your trip and the provision of any associated kit and equipment that may be necessary. Your Operations Co-ordinator is also responsible to support you with the ensuring the successful approval of your trip.

  3. Group Leader

    Throughout your trip you will be supported by a Mountain Leader and First Aid qualified Group Leader who will be responsible for the safe management of the trip, overseas. They will support you by managing all aspects and phases of the overseas trip and ensure that you and your colleagues, as well as your group, are fully supported for the duration of your itinerary.

  4. Parent Presentations and Workshops

    To support you in preparing your group and their parents for the venture, we will come to your school and deliver a series of presentations and workshops. Our Launch Presentation will support you announcing the trip to pupils and parents, a Venture Preparation Session will support you in focussing your group on the preparations they should be making for their trip, and a Pre-Departure Presentation will support you in sharing the final arrangements for the trip and introducing the group and the parents to the Group Leader of your trip.

  5. Documentation Support

    We will always provide you with the necessary resources and have an extensive range of documents to support you with all aspects of your trip.

    To support you in preparing your group for their trip, we have developed a comprehensive series of Tour Information Packs detailing the preparations we recommend all participants to make in readiness for the trip.

    To support you in knowing what happens next, what to expect from us and what we ask of you, we have a concise Teacher’s Guidance Pack, leading you through the entire programme, from the point of launching a trip through to your return from overseas. You will also receive a comprehensive Overseas Manual to take overseas with you, providing you with additional overseas guidance as well as collating all associated group information and itinerary details.

    To support you gain approval for your trip, we will provide you with a comprehensive Clearance Pack containing all related documentation that you may need to submit in order to gain approval or clearance to run the venture. Our Clearance Pack will contain our support policies, risk assessments and insurance documents, plus any specific clearance documentation that is required for your trip.

  6. Online Members’ Area

    We will support you in the distribution of all information and documentation relating to your trip, by providing all stakeholders with access to an online Members’ Area dedicated to your trip, for parents, pupils and teachers to access all relevant trip information quickly and easily.