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We will make all overseas arrangements and provide a comprehensive range of preparation documents, as well as running presentation evenings and venture workshops to ensure that you, your group and their parents, are fully prepared for the trip.

  1. Parent Presentations and Workshops

    To endeavour to ensure that the group and their parents understand their need to prepare for the trips, we will deliver a minimum of two parent presentations and one group workshop at the school.

    Having developed and agreed on the best itinerary for your group, your Programme Manager will come to the school to deliver a Launch Evening presentation to introduce your group and their families to our company and explain the itinerary. This will clearly outline the intention of the itinerary and start to highlight the preparations that will  need to be made in advance of the trip.

    Once the trip has been firmly established, your Operations Co-ordinator will come to your school and deliver a Venture Preparation Session to your group. This will help prepare the group by developing a team bond between the participants and explain some of the practicalities associated with overseas travel and the important preparations they must make in readiness for their itinerary.

    A few months prior to departure your Programme Manager will return to your school and deliver a Pre-Departure Evening presentation to your group and their families. This essential evening will also be attended by the group leader that we will have appointed to lead your trip, who will formally introduce themselves within the presentation. This evening is designed to updating the group and families on the details of the itinerary, reminding them of the preparations that we have advised them to make and the final arrangements that have been confirmed.

  2. Training Weekend

    Depending on the nature of your itinerary, in addition to your group’s Venture Preparation Session we may also require you and your group to attend an overnight Training Weekend. The purpose of the weekend is to get your group ‘outdoors’ and teach them some basic expedition skills, get used to using their kit and equipment and have their fitness levels assessed.

  3. School Travel Conference

    Our School Travel Conference provides a great opportunity for like-minded forward-thinking teachers who are booked to travel with us, to come together and receive specific preparation information about their trip. The overnight conference is managed as a series of practical workshops, informative presentations and one-to-one meetings to cover all aspects that will prepare you to safely and successfully run your trip. As well as meeting your Programme Manager and Operations Co-ordinator, our technical and medical advisors provide guidance and advice, as do guest speakers such as in-country suppliers, experienced Lead Teachers and Group Leaders.

  4. General Travel Advice

    We want to help you prepare the team for their trip, and so have created three Tour Information Packs (T.I.Ps) for each pupil to receive during the development phase. As well as providing specific itinerary and country information, these packs are designed to ‘drip-feed’ information regarding consular details, inoculation advice, health and safety recommendations and fitness guidance, as well as useful notes on some of the additional logistics and preparations they should be considering.

  5. Kit and Equipment

    To help ensure that your group are making the correct preparations for their time in-country, we will provide a comprehensive and accurate list of clothing and equipment that we recommend they should take. The list will have been created with the specifics of your trip in mind, including your itinerary’s destination, duration, activities and climate. This topic will very much form a part of the Venture Preparation Session and Training Weekends where the suggested list is discussed and additional recommendation can be provided.

  6. Fitness

    Regardless of the Trip Type of your itinerary, a good level of fitness is required to ensure that you and your group are capable of withstanding the physical demands of the experience. We strongly recommend that you encourage your group to do whatever they can to physically prepare for the trip, so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy the experience more. We will provide a Fitness Test of the group for you to organise within school, that we will require the results of and share with the Group Leader.

  7. Team Meeting

    We strongly recommend that you endeavour to bring your group together as much as possible before you go. This will give you an opportunity to discuss the trip with the pupils and allow them to get to know each other before you depart.