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Gentle and peaceful in spirit, powerful and vibrant in body, the vast continent of Asia offers the possibility of remarkable achievements and unforgettable cultural encounters. Dominated by the dramatic peaks and passes of the Himalaya, its impressive jungles and coastal islands also provide endless opportunities for discovery and learning.


Borneo is home to ancient forests, a vast array of plant and animal life, and diverse cultures such as those in the states of Sabah and Sarawak which are part of Malaysia. The third largest island in…


India, the world’s seventh largest country, is home to magnificent landscapes, grand palaces and a fascinating cultural history. From the bustling streets found in India’s capital Delhi, the…


Mystical, unique, and vibrant, Japan is one of the most incredible locations for schools to explore and discover due to its rich history and flourishing cultures that have moulded the country over centuries.


Though Nepal is without doubt the ultimate mountain region to experience on foot, there is more than snowy summits and glaciers for groups to encounter. Beyond the extensive trekking routes, there is…

Sri Lanka

This island jewel in the Indian Ocean has an incredible variety of landscapes and cultures to rival most places on earth. From the central mountains fringed with large forests, down to the tropical…